Welcome to the Family of God


If you have accepted God’s free gift of salvation by putting your faith in Jesus Christ, we would love to say welcome to the family of God. Jesus is now your Lord and Savior. You are now born again by the Spirit of God. You are now destined to life everlasting with God in heaven.


Please write to us. We would love to hear from you and know about your decision to follow Christ. We want to pray for you in your new walk with the Lord. We would also love to bless you with a free Bible and encourage you to read it and learn more about God’s unending love and His all-sufficient grace.




We encourage you to follow these foundational and essential steps in your new walk with the Lord:

1 | Spend time with the Lord by praying and reading your Bible everyday.
2 | Attend and get involved in a Bible teaching church.
3 | Be in fellowship with those who also love the Lord.
4 | Share your faith in the Lord Jesus with your family, friends, and those to whom you come in contact with throughout your life.

May knowing God and growing in His grace be the highest priority in your life.


For free online Bible teaching resources, Please visit our discipleship ministry at livinginchrist.org.

Free online biblical resources for your spiritual growth